Dear Valued Customers,


Happy New Year and welcome to 2018.


We're back and having cast aside the party hangovers we welcome the opportunity to help you with your projects and enquiries. 

For those in UK and Europe we have negotiated a great deal with our logistics partners and are able to offer a single price carriage charge to Europe whilst maintaining our standard UK rates at their current rate. We are pleased to have held down our carriage charges for the 5th year running despite constant fuel increases.


Government and NGO purchase orders accepted (USAF / USMC, UN, NHS, MOD, Environment Agency, Forestry Commission, Prison Service, Local Council and Education Trusts and Academies )


New in January  - F0122 The original metal 1220 block & strikes are back with adjustable roller tension. In stock now @ £38.50 a set.


Large sale of stock thermal curtains (some supermarket branded) at crazy prices. Details on our specials section.

Coming soon - New release of temperature monitoring units from Tektroniks. Details as soon as we get them!



Great prices on all coldroom supply and / or install within M25 area. Please call for a price or arrange a survey.


RED HOT - PRODUCT F0083 FERMOD 431 LATCH KITS held at the July discounted price £60 each


NEW - BRAND NEW RELEASE - Loheat Door Left Open Alarm At A Great Introductory Price Of £349.00 Product E0058

As every coldstore operator knows, leaving the door open for a longer period than necessary causes several problems.  Not only does it increase operating costs (often by a significant amount) as the refrigeration plant has to work harder, it can also result in ice forming around the threshold and on the entrance floor (leading to poor door closure, sealing issues and a potential slip hazard).

With this new alarm, when the coldroom door is opened it sets off a timer which counts down from a predetermined (and adjustable) door open time to zero.  If the timer hits zero and the door is still open, the voice alarm is activated (instructing the staff that the door is open and should be closed) together with a highly visible flashing beacon.  It is only when the door is closed that the voice message and the flashing beacon stop and the alarm is reset. 

This alarm is a cost effective solution to wasted energy costs and potential product damage, and a solution which is easy to install


Q: Why fit an alarm?

A:  Published monitoring of one typical supermarket coldroom for one week averaged 32 visits per day.  On 5 occasions the door was left open for more than 30 minutes, so at least 2½ hours of wasted energy and potentioal product deterioration.  This is not an untypical situation.  Carbon Trust reports savings up to £6 an hour are feasible simply from good door control.

Q: Why a voice alarm?

A: A voice alarm combined with a high visibility beacon is less disruptive than a siren, yet results in much faster recognition of the problem (resulting in immediate corrective action).




Fermod 67 Gasket Preformed Angle piece - no need to mitre again see product G0110.

Fermod Wall Guide Rail - eliminates the need for floor shoes. See products F0180, F0181.

MTH quality manufactured doors sliding, personnel or dual parting - whatever your requirement give us a try, call or email for a quote.






Look out soon for our new range of Frigorafen monobloc chillers and freezers made in Italy and priced super competitively.


PVC strip curtains are still selling like hot cakes as we have yet again maintained our super bulk discount level this year. Standard 1M x 2M curtain on 304 stainless steel hook rail with made up curtains ready to hang on is just £66 + VAT. WOW - and there is a Polargrade version for just £10 more. If you need a quote for specific sized curtain systems, please call or email your request. We stock 100mm, 200mm,300mm,400mm 2mm to 4mm thick pvc and reinforced in many different colours aswell as welding grade strip. Also please ask about our anti-static pvc curtain range for use in server & comms rooms.


See also our new range of Coolblok shelving - high quality anodised aluminium frames with washable inserts. Expandable up to 10 shelves per upright set with even loading limits of a whopping 120kg. No tools needed for assembly. Great prices and available ex stock now....


Thank you for visiting Coldroom Parts , the UKs most comprehensive supplier of spares and replacement parts for coldrooms, freezers and associated equipment.   


Please feel free to browse our shop. The owners and staff have many years in the refrigeration and cold storage industry both constructing and servicing for both bluechip and single store retailers.

Whatever your size our aim is to treat you with professionalism and find the product that is right for you. Our advice is free , if we are unable to fulfill your requirement with a suitable product , we will tell you and not just sell you something that will not work.


Our client base range from single shops right through to refrigeration wholesalers both UK, Europe and the U.S.


Our speciality is to supply the end user and therefore save the extra cost of a middle man, this is especially important as budgets are being tightened and maintenance gets squeezed.   


We are constantly reviewing our range and have added a range

of exceptional quality products from major manufacturers such

as Foster Refrigerator, SMI, Rivacold and some really innovative

specialist products for temperature sensitive products, we still

have our best selling quality range of pvc & thermal curtains too.

If there is something you need but cannot see, feel free to email us or

telephone us and we will be happy to help.

Now for even better value we can offer a leasing option on many of our fridge products. This is a tax efficient way of equipping your business and means that you don't have a large impact on your cash flow. Ask now for details.


Don't forget that we also offer a first class fitting service along with comprehensive service contracts. 


Once again welcome to Coldroom Parts - everything for coldrooms in the UK .


































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