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Product no.: A0002


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Product no.: A0001

Instant chill space only when needed 2 degrees C in under 15 minutes from a 13 amp unit with fast draw down (*) Installation in under 4 hours (*) Track Rack Shelving ensures maximum storage and protection of product Requires minimal maintenance Can increase sales and reduce delivery costs Minimal capital outlay Can be bespoke, extended or moved - Take it with you when moving premises All parts can be repaired , replaced or recycled * subject to site conditions

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Product no.: A0012

For your bespoke rquirements Coldroom Parts can supply, construct, install plant , commission coldrooms and freezers upto 10M high and includes on site project management and client liasion.

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Product no.: F0208

Coldroom Panel Fasteners (cam lock)

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Delivery weight: 100 g

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Product no.: A0004


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