Fermod 5711 Modular Shelving

Product no.: S0012

can be shipped within 1 days

The 5711 Fermostockcan be installed in single units or combinations allowing a number of configuraions including U- Shape , L-Shape, T shape and + layouts

This system allows one person to carry out the installation quickly and efficiently without the need for tools.

The 5711 Fermostock is designed for the food industry and conforms to the constructions regulations ensuring the highest hygenic standards. Suitable or temperstures (When loaded) -40C to +80C. 

Each polymer insert is dishwasher safe (max +100C)

Fermosdtock 5711 offers the solutions in space management ensuring maximum use of available storage area through combinations of its standard units. We offer the facility for self sdesign through our Fermostock layouit and costing program available on request.


2 upright heights 1685mm or 1800mm

2 depths 360mm or 460mm (Gastronorm Tray Compatible)

10 Lengths 650,770,890,950,1070, 1190,1310,1490,1610,1730mm

NOW WITH ENHANCED LOADING LEVELS OPF 120KG / Shelf Level (650mm to 1490mm) - (90kg for 1610 ad 1730mm)

Maximum weight loading between 2 uprights is 600kg, 480kg where there is an angle.

NSF Compliant



Selection: Fermod 5711 Modular Shelving

Product no. Fermostock_Upright_Height Fermostock_Bay_Length Fermostock_No_Of_Shelves Status Price
S0012-0001 1685mm 650mm 3
S0012-0002 1685mm 650mm 4
S0012-0003 1685mm 770mm 3
S0012-0004 1685mm 770mm 4
S0012-0005 1685mm 890mm 3
S0012-0006 1685mm 890mm 4
S0012-0007 1685mm 950mm 3
S0012-0008 1685mm 950mm 4
S0012-0009 1685mm 1070mm 3
S0012-0010 1685mm 1070mm 4
S0012-0011 1685mm 1190mm 3
S0012-0012 1685mm 1190mm 4
S0012-0013 1685mm 1310mm 3
S0012-0014 1685mm 1310mm 4
S0012-0015 1685mm 1490mm 3
S0012-0016 1685mm 1490mm 4
S0012-0017 1685mm 1610mm 3
S0012-0018 1685mm 1610mm 4
S0012-0019 1685mm 1730mm 3
S0012-0020 1685mm 1730mm 4
S0012-0021 1800mm 650mm 3
S0012-0022 1800mm 650mm 4
S0012-0023 1800mm 770mm 3
S0012-0024 1800mm 770mm 4
S0012-0025 1800mm 890mm 3
S0012-0026 1800mm 890mm 4
S0012-0027 1800mm 950mm 3
S0012-0028 1800mm 950mm 4
S0012-0029 1800mm 1070mm 3
S0012-0030 1800mm 1070mm 4
S0012-0031 1800mm 1190mm 3
S0012-0032 1800mm 1190mm 4
S0012-0033 1800mm 1310mm 3
S0012-0034 1800mm 1310mm 4
S0012-0035 1800mm 1490mm 3
S0012-0036 1800mm 1490mm 4
S0012-0037 1800mm 1610mm 3
S0012-0038 1800mm 1610mm 4
S0012-0039 1800mm 1730mm 3
S0012-0040 1800mm 1730mm 4
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