Coolblok Shelving Upright

Product no.: S0010-0069 (Shelf_Depth: 370mm, Elevation: 1670mm)

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Coolblok's modular shelving was projected and developed having in mind the different kinds of ways you can use it. With an excellent quality / price relation, these shelving units adapt themselves easily to each industry of refrigeration and hotel management because it is ideal to all kinds of storage, satisfies different needs and offers the best solutions for hotels, restaurants hospitals, laboratories, dry cleaning shops and other. Design - The challenge was to conceive a simple and elegant design without losing its functionality. The result is real. Coolblok's modular shelving is the ideal solution to all storage problems. Easy To Assemble - The concept "easy assembling" means that Coolblok's shelving units were conceived with a simple system, with no screws thus it is not necessary to use special tools or specialised handwork for its assembling. Easy To Clean & Maintain - Coolblok's shelving units have a nice and hygenic look and allow an easy maintenance and cleaning, since it is easy to remove the shelves.

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Shelf_Depth 370mm

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Product no. Shelf_Depth Elevation Price
S0010-0069 370mm 1670mm £71.83 *
S0010-0070 370mm 2000mm £83.70 *
S0010-0075 470mm 1670mm £74.17 *
S0010-0076 470mm 2000mm £86.88 *
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