ITAL Wall Hanging Rails 2.0M

Product no.: S0008-0007 (Shelf_Depth: 2.0M Wall Rail Kit)
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Range of hanging rails for meat , sausages etc. Manufacturered from easy clean anodised aluminium. Rails have a weight limit of 10KG / Metre. Please order the number of hooks seperately as they are not included in the rail kits.

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Shelf_Depth 2.0M Wall Rail Kit

Selection: ITAL Wall Hanging Rails

Product no. Shelf_Depth Price
S0008-0003 1.2M Wall Rail Kit £588.00 *
S0008-0004 1.4M Wall Rail Kit £604.00 *
S0008-0005 1.6M Wall Rail Kit £620.00 *
S0008-0006 1.8M Wall Rail Kit £636.00 *
S0008-0007 2.0M Wall Rail Kit £652.00 *
S0008-0008 2.2M Wall Rail kit £886.00 *
S0008-0009 2.4M Wall Rail kit £900.00 *
S0008-0010 2.6M Wall Rail Kit £916.00 *
S0008-0011 2.8M Wall Rail Kit £930.00 *
* Prices before VAT, plus delivery
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