Wire Mesh Shelving 4 Shelf Free Standing Unit

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Shelf Length                                       Wire Shelf                               Solid Shelf

900mm                                                210kgs per shelf                      150kgs per shelf

1000mm                                              200kgs per shelf                      200kgs per shelf

1100mm                                              180kgs per shelf                      135kgs per shelf

1200mm                                              150kgs per shelf                      110kgs per shelf

1500mm                                              120kgs per shelf                      90kgs per shelf

1800mm                                              100kgs per shelf                      75kgs per shelf


All weight loadings shown are based on even distribution of the load and a 5% deflection at the centre of the shelf i.e. on an 1800mm long wire shelf the deflection would be 9mm @ 100kgs


Maximum weight loading per bay is 800kgs for a static bay based on the bottom shelf being within 200mm of the floor


Maximum weight loading for mobile bays on our standard castors is 240kgs assuming a 3 point load and 80kgs per castor


Nominal                                             Actual Width

300mm                                                291mm

400mm                                                391mm

500mm                                                491mm

600mm                                                591mm


Nominal                                              Actual Length

600mm                                                566mm

800mm                                                766mm

900mm                                                866mm

1000mm                                              966mm

1100mm                                              1066mm

1200mm                                              1166mm

1300mm                                              1266mm

1500mm                                              1466mm

1800mm                                              1766mm

Selection: Wire Mesh Shelving 4 Shelf Free Standing Unit

Product no. Length Height Depth Price
S0001-0039 1300mm 1700mm 300mm £147.25 *
S0001-0040 1300mm 1700mm 400mm £154.85 *
S0001-0041 1300mm 1700mm 500mm £171.95 *
S0001-0042 1300mm 1700mm 600mm £188.10 *
S0001-0063 600mm 1700mm 300mm £106.40 *
S0001-0064 600mm 1700mm 400mm £110.20 *
S0001-0065 600mm 1700mm 500mm £122.55 *
S0001-0066 600mm 1700mm 600mm £138.70 *
S0001-0069 800mm 1700mm 300mm £106.40 *
S0001-0070 800mm 1700mm 400mm £117.80 *
S0001-0071 800mm 1700mm 500mm £131.10 *
S0001-0072 800mm 1700mm 600mm £147.25 *
S0001-0075 900mm 1700mm 300mm £110.20 *
S0001-0076 900mm 1700mm 400mm £122.55 *
S0001-0077 900mm 1700mm 500mm £122.55 *
S0001-0078 900mm 1700mm 600mm £151.05 *
S0001-0081 1000mm 1700mm 300mm £127.30 *
S0001-0082 1000mm 1700mm 400mm £138.70 *
S0001-0083 1000mm 1700mm 500mm £151.05 *
S0001-0084 1000mm 1700mm 600mm £167.20 *
S0001-0087 1100mm 1700mm 300mm £134.90 *
S0001-0088 1100mm 1700mm 400mm £142.50 *
S0001-0089 1100mm 1700mm 500mm £158.65 *
S0001-0090 1100mm 1700mm 600mm £171.95 *
S0001-0093 1200mm 1700mm 300mm £138.70 *
S0001-0094 1200mm 1700mm 400mm £147.25 *
S0001-0095 1200mm 1700mm 500mm £162.45 *
S0001-0096 1200mm 1700mm 600mm £179.55 *
S0001-0099 1500mm 1700mm 300mm £162.45 *
S0001-0100 1500mm 1700mm 400mm £171.95 *
S0001-0101 1500mm 1700mm 500mm £191.90 *
S0001-0102 1500mm 1700mm 600mm £203.30 *
S0001-0105 1800mm 1700mm 300mm £191.90 *
S0001-0106 1800mm 1700mm 400mm £199.50 *
S0001-0107 1800mm 1700mm 500mm £220.40 *
S0001-0108 1800mm 1700mm 600mm £232.75 *
* Prices before VAT, plus delivery
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