Gram Compact Counter 1210F Freezer

Product no.: H0034
Gram Compact counters are the new range of GN1/1 counters designed for busy caterers who demand a reliable easy to maintain counter with a low cost of ownership. The range comprises of 1/1 gastronorm counters, available as a refrigerator (K) or freezer (F) with two or three door sections. Gram counters are carefully designed to ensure the optimal circulation of air at all times. Refrigerated air is circulated around the cabinet to maintain the storage of foodstuffs at the correct temperature. The exterior and interior are made of stainless steel with an inside door cover of foodsafe grey ABS. The temperature range isbetween +12 C and -6 C on the refrigerators (K), and -7 C and -25 C on the freezers (F). These cabinets offer great versatility as they can be used for different types of storage asrequirements change or seasonal changes dictate menu variations.
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