Fermod Sliding Door Wall Guide System Small Upto 1700mm Doors

Product no.: F0180

This system is reliable and efficient without mechanical parts (roller, axes, springs etc)

In case of impact the door can disengage from the guiding nrail without damage.

A single reference for both opening sides

Positioned toward the bottom of the wall, the mechanism ensures smooth guiding during operation as well as good compression against the wall when closed (right oir left opening).

With its simple design, the wall guiding system uses the same principle as the floor guiding system but without any floor fixings. This allows the installation of the door even iof the floor is not finished - great for new builds.

The parts fixed on the door are adjustable to ensure a perfect sealing door. It can be installed instead of the floor guide / closing show system.

Optional M12 nylon square bolt to fix the rail through the wall.


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