Fermod PRV 2220 Pressure Relief Valve (Heated)

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The walls of a cold room are constantly subjected to strains caused by pressure variations, either from inside or from outside. The valves FERMOD patented, make it possible to balance internal and external pressures, through venting. DESCRIPTION OF THE VALVE It is heated, mechanically operated valve, with two airtight mobile flaps with a return spring, allowing air flow in either direction. The admission and exhaust are separated by a partition. A - THE MECHANICAL ELEMENT The wall or ceiling mounted valve has a telescopic cylinder to allow adjustment to suit various wall thicknesses. The cylinder has two separate compartments with flaps that allow either entrance or exit of air to balance the pressures. This unit is made from a composite material resistant to cleaning products 0:00 / 2:39 24/09/2020 Valve 2220 www.fermod.com/valve-2220-cat4-prd252-fp.php 2/2 B - THE HEATING ELEMENT It is mounted on the perimeter and completely encapsulated in the valve. Its continuous power is 8W. The connection is made outside the cooling chamber with a cable which sticks out of front valve gland. 3REFERENCES: N° 2220NT: Wall or ceiling mounted valve with heating cord, for negative temperature cold room down to -30°C, for 60 to 120 mm thickness frame. N° 2222PT: Wall or ceiling mounted valve without heating cord, for positive temperature cold room, for 60 to 120 mm thickness frame. N° 2220NT-L200: Wall mounted valve with heating cord for negative temperature cold room down to -30°C, for 120 to 200mm thickness frame. For other using temperature, please contact us.

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