Zanotti Monobloc MGM105EA11XA Replaces MGM10502E

Product no.: A0011-0001 (Room Volume: MGM10502F 7.6m3)

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Single Phase 16 Amp R134a Refrigerant Integral Unit does not require piping or gassing Easy to fit - either straddle panel or cut hole out with a through the wall kit (extra) Capilliary expansion - no valves to go faulty Maximum Volume 0C 7.6 M3

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Product no. Room Volume Status Price
A0011-0001 MGM10502F 7.6m3
£1,679.40 *
A0011-0002 MGM10602F 8.5m3
£1,739.70 *
A0011-0003 MGM10702F 9.3m3
£1,887.30 *
A0011-0004 MGM11002F 12m3
* Prices before VAT, plus delivery
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