Boxcold Mortuary Coldroom

Product no.: A0004

can be shipped within 5 days


Our mortuary rooms are manufactured in Italy to the highest standards of quality and design. Our unique modular design means we can provide mortuary rooms and freezers from single door units to multiple and optional bariatric doored models that are expandable and that provide high levels of flexibility to the hospital, care homes, funeral director or crematorium customer. The modular design creates high levels of flexibility for our customers.

If your space has obstacles that would prevent other cold rooms from fitting, Boxcold can design around them to maximise the space usage. Our free design service allows us to share your unique design before you buy. The modular design also allows our customers to grow. Rather than needing to throw out the original cold room and replace it with a larger one, we can scale up, saving you money and avoiding disruption.

Contact us now for a free consultation and to discuss your cold room and freezer requirements. Our full site fitting service along with registered refrigeration installation teams are ready to fulfill your demands.

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