Multifit Fan Motors

Product no.: E0050-0001 (Power: 5 Watt)

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Ball bearing multi refrigeration grade motors

Latest compact design with shorter body

Quality ball bearings to give increased life

Operates with shaft horizontal or vertical

Ambient temperature range -40 degrees C to + 80 degrees C

1 Metre double insulated 3 core cable

Full range of mountings and accessories

Brackets, guards, rings, grids, fixings also available

Individually boxed for protection

All fixings , nuts, screws and washers supplied

3 tapped holes at both ends, 18mm foot, 26mm foot, corner bolts for ring / guard

Available in 5W, 7W, 10W, 16W, 18W, 25W, 34W powers

Shaded pole motor type. Voltage 220-240V , 50-60 Hz, Rotation ACWSE, Class B insulation, Enclosure rated IP42, Approved VDE & CE

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Product no. Power Status Price
E0050-0001 5 Watt
£12.65 *
E0050-0002 7 Watt
£12.99 *
E0050-0003 10 Watt
£13.18 *
E0050-0004 16 Watt
£14.30 *
E0050-0005 18 Watt
£15.02 *
E0050-0006 25 Watt
£17.45 *
E0050-0007 34 Watt
£18.60 *
* Prices before VAT, plus delivery
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