Techno-B BHTX050 Split Chiller Package 15.43m3 240VAC

Product no.: A0401
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Unit Model: BHTX050

  • Electronic control panel.
  • Expansion device with thermal expansion valve.
  • Solid core filter on liquid line.
  • Pre-arrangement for room lighting connection and for door switch connection.
  • Cable for door heater connection on all low temperature units.
  • All the models are equipped with a fixed calibration low pressure switch; all three-phase units and the model BHTX122 are also equipped with a fixed calibration high pressure switch, in accordance with the “Pressure Equipment Directive” 97/23/EC. Anyway, on request the high pressure switch could be supplied also on units with voltage 230/1/50Hz.
  • All the units are supplied with a remote control panel already connected to the unit through a 5 m long cable (on request we could supply different lengths up to 20 m).
  • Direct drainage of condensate.
  • Drain heater.
  • Condensing unit installation on the external floor of the cold room as well as evaporator installation on the ceiling inside the cold room.
  • Sight glass.
  • All units are supplied with a liquid receiver, in accordance with the “Pressure Equipment Directive” 97/23/EC.
  • Connection pipes couplings between condensing unit and evaporator have been realized without shut-off valves or weld neck flanges.
  • Units suitable for external installation. Units recommended for use at ambient temperatures higher than 10°C. If units are mounted in Ambient temperature lower than 10°C, some accessories are needed.


Technical Data :


  • Form1C2
  • Fin pitch2,1
  • Fans: 1x254
  • Fan absorption: 1x73
  • Airflow1000


  • FormEVS1X254
  • Fin pitch4,2/8,4
  • Fans: 1x254
  • Fan absorption: 1x73
  • Airflow810
  • Air-throw: 6


Refrigerating (W) - Room volume (m³)

Cold room temperature: + 5 °C

Ambient temperature: + 25°C

  • W1269
  • m³: 24,49

Ambient temperature: + 32°C

  • W1155
  • m³: 15,43

Ambient temperature: + 43°C

  • W968
  • m³: 5,59

Cold room temperature: + 0 °C

Ambient temperature: + 25°C

  • W1090
  • m³: 15,27

Ambient temperature: + 32°C

  • W986
  • m³: 9,72


Ambient temperature: + 43°C

  • W812
  • m³: 3,52

Cold room temperature: - 5 °C

Ambient temperature: + 25°C

  • W937
  • m³: 9,79

Ambient temperature: + 32°C

  • W843
  • m³: 6,26

Ambient temperature: + 43°C

  • W691
  • m³: 2,31
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