Kide Freezer Monoblock Wall Mount

Product no.: A0006

Precharged with new generation refrigerants (R449a and R452a)

Expansion by thermostatic valve (less likely to block than capilliary)

High and low pressure protection

Automatic defrosting by reverse cycle hot gas defrost

Condensate evaporative tray gets rid of defrost water by evaporating it

2.5m Power Lead

IP65 coldroom light included

Voltage Protectionto protect from surges

Condensing fan motor control by pressure switch

Integrated multifunctional electronic controller

Cermaic filter dryer

Probe alert for dirty condenser

Isolation switch fitted on unit

For installation inside


Selection: Kide Freezer Monoblock Wall Mount

Product no. Kide_Freezer_Room_M3 Price
A0006-0001 4-6m3
A0006-0002 6-9m3
A0006-0003 8-11m3
A0006-0004 10-15m3
A0006-0005 15-22m3
A0006-0006 19-27m3
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